Venting about Gym Coaches

Jane Lynch, although I do love her.

I know not all gym coaches are bad. I never really had any bad experiences, even though I was not athletic, coordinated or strong and don’t forget , I never liked gym. ( P.E. as it was called back home in England)  which is probably why I’m trying to become a runner at 45; see the last post.

I have however met many people who have been traumatized by rotten gym teachers. I happen to have a husband and 2 boys who are very athletic. they play travel soccer and travel hockey and my husband still plays hockey. All of which requires me to watch from the sidelines and try to understand the finer points of what is going on.
Occasionally I have to relay this information to said husband who is with the other kid and their conflicting game.

I can’t usually give him the important stuff so I hand the phone to the nearest knowledgable parent.

Just because I may not get it all, it does not mean I am not watching the game. Despite what my husband thinks.


Back to the gym coach experience. Harry has recently started 6th grade. which as I have mentioned before  is not quite as cozy as 5th grade. He has this Gym teacher and yesterday he made  a comment to some kid that has me furious… So furious I am spitting nails.

The kid has a high voice, as many  10 and 11 year olds do and the coach said… are you ready for this:  “You should just come out of the closet.”

Really  I am beside myself.

Even if the other kids had not noticed, they sure have now and when an adult, even stupid ones, make comments like that it, makes this child ‘ Open Season’ for being picked on.

I was so shocked that I think I scared poor Harry with my reaction. When I’ve told this story to my friends, I find my voice rising a few decibel the more I get upset.

Really this Coach is nothing but a bully. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us this year. Both my son and daughter had this coach and it seems were lucky they were never picked on by him… but they did say he said terrible things and my daughter now 20 , said he’s an arsehole. Sorry for the language but I agree.

I think I have to make a complaint but somehow keep my name and my son’s name out of it…..

Well sorry for this post but I needed to vent…..


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2 Responses to “Venting about Gym Coaches”

  1. Laura Says:

    I AM SO SORRY. We raised 4 sons. Our ‘baby” is in college. They all played sports, and played basketball in college. I would destroy that coach.
    Two tall boys were walking into the gym, when the coach said, “here comes dumb and dumber”. Never mind that they were both also good students, but what did this guy know.
    I went to the Principal with it, and told him I would not tolerate this behavior from any teacher and a coach is surely teaching. The coach apologized to me and we actually became friends. i could have insisted he get fired.
    I would not hesitate to report that comment. I would not hesitate to bully the bully.

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