Back to School

Summer is officially over. The kids had 2 days if school on the 7th and 8th. Then 2 days off. Jack had a hockey tournament, so my husband went with him and I stayed home with Harry and Jess. Harry had soccer, they lost 4 2.

I didn’t actually get much work(art)done this weekend.

late on Sunday Harry’s worked on trying  to open his padlock for his gym locker. I’m not even very skilled at opening those combination locks. I always go past the number.

6th grade  is such an enormous change from 5th grade. One classroom , one teacher  and a little homework. Now… he has many classes, many teachers and real homework. Gaahhh.

Oh and don’t forget the 2 locker combinations he has to remember, I’m not sure I could.  The lock we sent him with (he had mastered the 1st combination) was the wrong kind. The custodian has to be able to get into the gym lockers if needed. Harry didn’t understand why they needed to break in to the lockers. Then I remembered an unfortunate incident when Jack was in 8th grade.

The hallway apparently smelled like mould. It got to the point where they considered closing the school. They decided to open every locker first  and found (of course they did) in my son’s locker and another boy’s, a bunch of towels used for swimming, left to get mouldy. They had probably been there for a few months. A little embarrassing when I had a phone call requesting that I come immediately and remove them. Oh the shame!

So I explained to Harry sometimes they have a good reason to “break” into the lockers.

Not much going on..  I have an app on ,my phone called, “from couch to 5k..” I’m determined to become a runner. I’m not sure why.  It does feel good some of the time. ( although I think it’s mostly due to the fact that every runner I know , looks great, is skinny and can eat whatever they want. Yes that might be why  I want to become a runner. They also talk about becoming addicted to running. Well, is that too much to ask.

So all of the other times I’ve tried running before and given up , this time might be different.  I’m in my second week of running and walking. it’s easier when the australian lady tells me ” you only have 15 seconds more to run.” than when I watching the clock.

So wish me luck!

Here’s a random video of Jasper taking a cookie from Jess…


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7 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Jane Says:

    Hi Collette,
    I have completed the c25k app! You can totally do it!
    It works so well….load in your favorite tunes and trot on off!
    Sometimes it is a doodle, and others you think you are going to pass out…but then the voice says…you have completed your workout….and the feeling is great – I usually let out a woo- hoo and punch the air a little!
    Have fun!

  2. Jane Says:

    I have an American dude on my app (. C25k)…I wonder which one you have?

  3. Sonya McCllough Says:

    Girl, you and I are in the same boat with the sixth grader, I was just about to e-mail all his teachers, so much for him to handle, all at once. We gave up on the hall locker, being locked. The lock is here at home. You may have just saved him, from being grounded until Oct 8th. God has been prompting me to run and lifts weights and I finding, so many excuses.

  4. diana Says:

    A very cute story about your son’s locker. I’m not much into running either, but I mountain bike with my hubby. I remember the first time, fell 3 times and told him, while crying, ” this is not my sport!”. Well, I’m still at it and lost a ton of weight. Just got 10 stitches in Utah, and I still keep getting back on that horse (bike). Maybe your running is safer…;)

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