Art and Birthdays

It’s my husband’s birthday today…. He’s a little weird about birthdays. I’m not sure why.  He likes to fly under the radar and not really be acknowledged much.( Except family)  His mother tried to organize a 40th birthday party a few years ago, after I talked her out of a surprise party ( The Horror)  HE refused the offer.

He likes to give and receive 3 or 4 cards and he’s hard to buy for. But he’s recently lost quite a bit of weight and looks great. So clothes are a good choice at the moment. I bought him a great vintage Giants sweatshirt. He loved it, Phew!

I got into bed last night realizing that I hadn’t got the kids to sign the cards. It was 1am. My 15-year-old was awake

(don’t ask me why, he’s still in summer mode and there was no school today or tomorrow) So I got him to sign , but Jess and Harry were  asleep . Of course they were.

So I padded off  retrieve the cards and  wrap the present. I had a gift bag with football stuff on it, perfect. I rolled the Giant sweatshirt ( it was still a large) and stuffed it in the bag. got jack to sign the card had a little argument about not showering at  and went to bed.

The next morning HE had  left for the gym early (yes that’s how he lost all his weight). So I got the other kids to sign and Harry painted a picture for him. He came back ( all sweaty) and we gave him  his gift. ( Jack refused to get up, but then he went to bed later than I did and … Grrr  Teens. )

Harry made this for his dad"s birthday. AW!

HE opened his cards and present , Loved it and then said , ” Oh it looks like you got me a cockroach too, is this an extra gift.”


Yes there in the bag was a big, Thankfully dead, bug of some kind. Yuck!

On a side note: here are some pictures I’m working on. I must  have ADD as I can’t seem to stick to one at a time.

This may be finished, or I may add little black dots for eyes. I can't decide.

I have to work on BG again, hair dress ....

I haven't really decided what to do for her background, but I like the wings coming off the canvas.


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8 Responses to “Art and Birthdays”

  1. Michele Says:

    Oh yuck! Thank goodness it was dead. 🙂

    That dog painting your son made, is just too cute!

    Love the new art! I do the same as you, work on several at one time, I think I may have a touch of ADD as well. 🙂

  2. jacqueline Says:

    Happy birthday to your hubby!! Such a cute story of how you prepare his gift and card. It made me smile. I love that dog paintint your son made…it’s gorgeous. Your new work is lovely! I really adore that owl familly! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Diana Says:

    I think it was so sweet the painting your son did…got mom’s talent! Like the progress of your work. The owl family is very cool.

  4. kerri Says:

    ew. bug. roaches are the worst! happy birthday to him! 😉

    love your paintings- you’ve been busy!

  5. Susie Says:

    thanks for stopping by my birthday blog! too bad teenagers don’t, say, fold the laundry when they happen to be awake at 1:00 am. I love your work, btw. And a happy bday to your husband!

  6. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Love the birthday card your son made…kinda reminds me of my Baxter!

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