The Boys are Back.

The boys came back from camp yesterday. I’m so happy to have them back. We have loads to catch up on. Jack (15) said he’s definitely going back next year. Harry not so sure!  So we’ll see.

Jess went to work at 6am this morning for work. An awful time for Sunday morning! Harry and I were up early too. He spent a long time cuddling Jasper, who wouldn’t get up from his lap actually. We had breakfast, which quite awkward with Jasper on his lap! Then we went outside to watch his new soccer skills.  Harry went to soccer at least 3 times a day at camp. He’s learnt a lot with his camp soccer coach: Coach Sam from Uruguay. We love him. He now lives in North Carolina. He may have played professionally for  a team in England. Harry thinks it’s called Burnham. This does not sound familiar to me, and Harry said he’s not sure of the name. So I’ll have to check with Coach Sam.

We are off to Disney on Thursday to meet my brother and his family and their friends Maz, Tony and Nicky. We fly on Jessica’s birthday. Birthdays are very important to Jess.( she likes to call it her birthday month) I have to think of a way to make it special for her.

I’m bringing chocolate covered bacon that I found for my brother, just because it’s weird. I must admit it’s not delicious.

I am also bringing Art supplies for my niece Chloe and her friend Nicky. I figured watercolour pencils(as they’re easy) sketch books and drawing pencils. I think I’ll also put in a pack to make ATC cards, As this is a growing trend I’ve just discovered, they might like it to. We can trade.

We’ll visit Disney, Universal ( Harry Potter World )  and Sea World. Harry really hates the it’s a Small World ride. Which was always Jessica’s favourite ride when she was little. I’m convinced this is why Harry hates it. When he was a tiny baby, we got to the park early. We went straight to the ride and managed to go on it 6 times in a row.  Jack didn’t care and I thought Harry didn’t mind either. but apparently he was scarred for life. After that when he was little whenever he heard that song..”It’s a small world after all….” He would freak out. He still hates it.

Well my BIG project of the week was cleaning out my Man Cave( which is really a big closet.) Now the boys are back I have to give  my kitchen table back to food and not art. Sigh! So I cleaned out the closet. I managed to get 8 bags full of garbage. Who knew it could hold that much. I created a little desk and hooked up lights. Shelved my supplies and Voila….. I now have a little Art Cave. Although my family are constantly yelling, “Where’s Mum? In the Closet again!”  Seriously guys, I prefer Art Cave.

My Painting Area.

Art Cave


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4 Responses to “The Boys are Back.”

  1. diana Says:

    Your art cave is fantastic. I can’t believe it. What we do to find a place to create. I love it. Hope it’s not too hot in there. Looks like it was the Pantry…who needs food anyhow! 🙂

  2. Michele - Pipi La La Says:

    Your art cave is seriously fabulous! I need one of those!

  3. kerri Says:

    glad you’ve happily got them back at home.

    and what??! choc. covered bacon??!! urgh. sounds gross to me!

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