Weekend Away

Things have been very busy, as always. I went away for the weekend to the Berkshires. A beautiful area in Massachusetts. My husband and I went to Tanglewood where you can picnic and listen to beautiful music. We had wine and it was very civilized. Some people really know how to picnic. They had chairs, wine  and food as did we .We even brought a mini Pecan Pie with Whipped cream. Delicious.

Someone had a little table with flowers in a vase and candles, pillows and blankets. It was a great scene. I wish I had brought my camera.

I went to The Norman Rockwell Museum. So exciting , I love him, He’s such a storyteller and manages to convey so much with his paintings and expressions. There are always hidden details in there too. They moved his whole studio to the grounds where the museum is. I wasn’t allowed to take any photo’s inside. ( I felt like such a tourist when I asked) But I did take one from outside.

Norman Rockwell's Studio

They had moved it from his back yard to the Littman Estate. As you can see the view is spectacular, but not Norman’s view at all.

Hmm One of these days, It’s nice to dream of having this studio!

We also checked out some cool antique stores. and here are some of our finds: My husband also went around banging every Gong he could find, and there were lots.

This was carved from a wood that actually looked like driftwood.

Harry ready for his watergun fight

Last, but not least my boys come home on Saturday, I can’t wait. It was Jack’s  Birthday yesterday , he turned 15. He was already taller than my husband on visiting day. The following week we leave for Orlando to meet my brother, Sis-in-law and beautiful niece, Chloe there for a few days.(They are coming from England  and bringing me Marmite and English biscuits… I can’t wait.) Disney is Jessica’s favourite place ever. It should be fun.


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3 Responses to “Weekend Away”

  1. Kristin Dudish Says:

    It sounds like you had a great weekend!

    The Berkshires are beautiful! (I’ve enjoyed a couple of weekends there too) Lots of inspiration for artists 🙂

    The photo of the bottlecap cart(?) reminds me of a chair I saw at a restaurant there – it was completely covered in bottlecaps & reminded me of a throne… I actually had dreams of creating my own someday…

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend.
    (Have fun in Orlando!)

  2. Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy Says:

    The carved driftwood piece is amazing, wow.

  3. kerri Says:

    the wood carving is impressive-
    i’ve never been to that area but i know james taylor mentions it in his song sweet baby james! i bet it’s lovely-
    you took a great photo of the outside of the rockwall studio!! too bad you couldn’t get inside shots too-

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