My Dogs Feel Abandoned

Poor doggies. I took my radiation pill  Friday. (So far I don’t glow in the dark )  I can’t officially touch anyone including the dogs for 3 days. Poor dogs. Jasper just does not understand. He keeps looking at me  and trying to sneak up and lick the back of my leg. In fact they both follow me around and when I think they are too close I speed up which only encourages them to chase me!!!

Last night while I locked myself in my bedroom. The dogs spent ages scratching at the door to get in. Even though my husband was sleeping in another room , they still tried to get in.

Lucky for me they are forgiving and in three days won’t remember that I ignored them…….I hope!

Again the only upside id that I can’t prepare food for anyone for a week. Which is fine as I hate cooking anyway, I’d much rather be painting.  I’m still waiting for special powers like Peter Parker. I know technically he was bitten by a radioactive spider but……..

Taken with  Jess’  iphone video camera.

I thought I’d share a little of Jasper with you, he tries to talk like this to us every day. Sometimes it’s as simple as; ” feed me” other times I can’t be sure. I’m so sorry I can’t speak dog. Blue is much more camera-shy. she hides when it comes out.

Anyone would think I take too many pictures or something, or maybe she thinks she’s some kind of celebrity and I’m the paparazzi. Jasper however couldn’t care less.


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5 Responses to “My Dogs Feel Abandoned”

  1. Diana Says:

    Love your dog. Mine is the same with his discussions….mostly, he says look it’s time to eat. Stop messing with that computer.

  2. the Success Ladder Says:

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  3. Lille Diane aka Woodstock Lily Says:

    Love Jasper, and though I don’t understand dog either, I do believe Jasper is saying only good things to you. Love his accent, too. lol What a cutie!! I hope all goes well for you and you glow like an angel not a hazardous something… Paint, and paint and paint till the cows come home then it will be time to love on the fur babies~

  4. Pam Holderman Says:

    Well my cat woke up quite quickly when I played Jasper’s video. Oh I feel for you trying to stay away from the pets – yes they will forgive you and I am sure you feel worse about it now than they do. Zoe thanks you for the kind comments on her blog post.

  5. Marianne Says:

    I would flippin’ go nuts if I couldn’t pet and hug my dogs. Can’t you put on some type of biohazard suit or something? Or maybe one of those suits the pesticide people wear. At least that way you could hold them for a little while. I own one of these suits because I used to work in a nursery. If I lived near you you could borrow it.

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