I’m Radioactive…

Well, I will be.

I found out today, after some tests that I must have my thyroid zapped with radiation. The idea is to kill it off and then replace it with Synthroid or something. It’s not such a big deal, except I’ll be radioactive for a while afterwards.

What does that mean:

I can’t go within 3-5 feet of my kids! My boys are away for the duration of the contamination and My daughter will just have to get extra hugs before I’m zapped. She wonders if she may grow a second arm or something if I touch her.

I can’t go near any babies or little ones for 2 weeks. It’s my nephews birthday!

I have to use my own bathroom  for a week ( and flush 3 times!)

I can’t share phones.

I can’t prepare food for anyone, ( that one’s a bonus ) I also have to eat from paper plates etc.

I still can’t eat seafood, or have salt! This ones really tough, sushi is my favourite.

I have to be careful with laundry and my clothes. I’m contaminated!

I can’t share a bed with my husband for a few days.

The problem is that everyone else will understand except Jasper. Who sleeps next to me every night. If I sleep in another room,  my husband won’t follow me, but Jasper will. He’s roughly the size of a baby (8 lbs) although I suspect he’s put on weight since my daughter shares her snacks with him. I’ll have to ask the doctor about the dogs, as she never mentioned pets, but maybe  that means she doesn’t have any.

Some people have told me that they’ve never heard of these restrictions. It’s so confusing and now I’m getting conflicting advice. Sigh!

It all seems a little weird. Jess says I should use it to my advantage. I’m not sure how, except the cooking and doing anything for anyone. Hmm…. Maybe there’s an upside after all.

Well If I’m to be quarantined, I might use it as a time to paint.

Here is a photo I took of my son, husband and friend at the beach running through the birds. They had SO much fun. Some people weren’t so happy.(Apologies to them) But how often do you get to run through a huge flock of birds. It’s such a kid thing to do. It makes me happy to remember this….. So I’m adding it to the post… My little guy is the one in blue. Click on the image to enlarge it.


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6 Responses to “I’m Radioactive…”

  1. kerry Says:

    sorry to hear of your bad news. You will be in my prayers……your list of restrictions is rather long…..i am sure it will be a tough time.

    Keep positive and keep us updated…….


  2. Michele Says:

    Wowee, that is one list of restrictions. I’ve never knew that radiation therapy would have so many warnings. I worked at a vet for 10 years, and we often sent pets to get radiation for thyroid issues and never even thought not to touch them. Of course the owners touched them all the time too. No one mentioned anything about being careful of the radiation. I assumed it stayed inside I guess. Crazy.

    You of course you can use it to your advantage, but I could see how extremely hard that would be also. Not being able to touch my cats would drive me nuts and I think I would blow it on the no salt restriction. 🙂

    Anyway, hope all goes well with you, and that your thyroid gets fixed!

  3. loryia bond Says:

    I have been reading your blog this morning! VERY enjoyable. Your paintings make me feel good and want to gaze longer. So I do. I love Fly Pig Fly also. And the fam pics. They are great. And the lounger guy on the beach. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!!! I have been dragging out old paintings and listing them on ebay or sending them to Pitosa Gallery. Hope your Summer is super fun, and your radio-activity is in a memory. How strange… medicine. Love this blog!

  4. Jodi Shaw Says:

    So sorry about your thyroid…

    And I must say that the picture of the birds with your husband and son is AWESOME! I LOVE that!!!

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