To Paint or Not to Paint…..

This week I haven’t been painting… I’ve been too busy, although I have no idea with what. Work… Meh!  Oh and I’ve been on the treadmill twice!!

I don’t actually have a studio, it’s my kitchen table. My husband is not too thrilled about it and asked the other day, when we will have out kitchen table  back. Hmmph.

I cleaned it up when we had some visitors and I think that’s the reason why I haven’t been painting. Because I would have to take all of the paints out again. My easel is still out though. The summer’s the perfect time as my two boys are away at summer camp – It’s Visiting day this Saturday… YAY! I have so much stuff to bring and my camera of course.

In the summer I also  feel as if I don’t  have to cook  everyday when they are away. (Much to my husband and daughter’s annoyance.) Although they are quite capable. They’re both grownups, Jessica is almost 20. I’ll cook chicken and vegetables or a salad , but that’s it.  I hate cooking anyway, I’m not very good at it and I’d much rather be painting. I’m often stumped by the thought of dinner and call my friend saying” I have chicken, what can I cook.” she is an amazing cook and gets it. She also knows how fussy my family are.

I may not have a studio, but I do have a “Man Cave ” as my daughter calls it. It’s stuffed with so many art supplies. Glass for the mosaics I’ll get around to, Paint, brushes,  blank canvases and books and don’t forget my trusty paint covered apron.

Fly Pig fly

I’m Posting flying pigs, to remind me to paint and how it makes me happy.

Paint Collette Paint.

Here are a few pics of my Man Cave ….

My trusty easel and waiting canvases.

My daughter was watching the very last episode of  “The Hills” in the background.

I’m also not sure what to paint, although I feel a mermaid coming on.


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8 Responses to “To Paint or Not to Paint…..”

  1. kelly Says:

    Yes, the answer is always, paint. I am so lucky to have a studio. It is always a mess with papers and jewelry stuff everywhere, but I can just close the door and hide it when I need to.
    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  2. Linda Robison Says:

    Hi!!! Thanks for visiting and “following” my blog – I have just been sooo excited since taking this class as I had a blog with 0 followers and not a clue what I was doing so I abandoned it – now I’m just thrilled for us all. I don’t get the google reader thing yet – I just go to the blogs and click on “follow” LOL… glad to know you 😉 Just in case you’re interested I’m taking a VERY reasonable painting class that looks FABULOUS and starts in a few days so there is time to sign up (July 18) I think you’ll love it… you can see all about it there – called Chaos and calm..

  3. Melissa Says:

    Hi, Collette! Thanks for checking out my new website. It really feels good to have that set up.

    I love your flying pig. He’s adorable!

  4. Glass Mosaics Supplies Says:

    If your paint has a few battle scars, a polish or swirl remover is your best option. Glass Mosaics Supplies

  5. the Success Ladder Says:

    Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

  6. kerri Says:

    the best thing i ever did as far as my home goes is i turned our guest bedroom into my home studio- no more guests, which is sort of a fantastic by product b/c our house is so tiny anyway. now it’s just now even an option.

    it would be very hard to have to clean up paints and that whole work space each day or whatever. i hope you can find a space to permanently call your own painting space!

  7. Trine Says:

    I have the same problem lately, but because it is soooo hot here I cant even enter my studio without instantly melting away….;-/ but hey, winter will come…someday…lol…

    xoxoxo Trine

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