Opening Night Success… Phew!

Well, I’ve been crazy busy with work and getting ready for my art show. I even have hung some last-minute paintings as they were drying.

But I tend to be a “last-minute Lucy”, anyway.

On the insistence of a Bestest friend,  I ‘”put myself out there” and sent that email letting everyone know what was going on, time, place, and  date of opening. I was very happy she was right as so many of my friends came to the opening. ( there was wine) It was very sweet.

Some never really knew I painted.

However the best part were the Margaritas after. Delicious, frozen strawberry  Margaritas by the pitcher. Yum.

Sit Pig Sit

I am loving flying pigs right now. I can t seem to stop painting them. I’ve always loved flying pigs, even as a little girl. And Mermaids of course.

I used to read a book to my daughter when she was little. Over 15 years ago. It was a black and white book about a flying pig. We used to borrow it from the library. I’ve since tried to look for it but it’s out of print. I can’t even remember the name of the author. I loved the books and the illustrations.


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2 Responses to “Opening Night Success… Phew!”

  1. Chloe :) Says:

    I am glad it went well 😀
    also I really like the flying pig idea, so i am going to try and paint one too maybe 🙂
    Love Chloe

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