Poor Blue

Blue my Wheaten Terrier  will be 13 in november. Most people are shocked when they learn this as she still acts like a young dog. We joke that she should have a dogmitzvah this year. A big celebration for her age.

For the most part she has plenty of energy, especially when the mailman or garbage men come to the house. As much as the crazy barking drives me nuts I know they make her day. It’s when she goes barmy at the little old men (or anyone ) for that matter walking by the house that drives me crazy.

Sometimes she just lays around  sleeping , which in my opinion is a very dog like thing to do. My son panics a little when he sees this, as he thinks it means she’s too old and has no energy (and he doesn’t like where that may go!)  I then have to reassure him that she goes bananas at anyone who walks by the house, and we’ve had people doing work  and move in across the street, which as you can imagine has entertained Blue no end.

But sometimes her age creeps in, sometimes maybe once a week, Blue will come to me with her back all twisted and walking on 3 legs. Poor Blue. I think she has back spasms. She comes to me to massage out her back. Its funny, even when the house is full, she will seek me out. I guess I’m the mum of the whole family.

So I massage her back, stretching it out and when she feels better she goes outside for a run.  Then she seems her normal, perky, barky, doggy self .

Downward dog Blue

Sleepy Blue

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3 Responses to “Poor Blue”

  1. kerri Says:

    i’ve got 14 year old siberian huskies.

    i’m so glad blue does her yoga poses to help with her back! 🙂

  2. diana Says:

    As I’m reading your post, I’m giving my 10 yr. old brittany, Tucker, a back rub. He seeks me out and won’t let me stop! Gosh, now comes the squeaky toy…. gotta love ’em.

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