Art Show Put Together with Rubber Bands and Chewing Gum.

Well, SO much for my thinking I could set up the art on Saturday.  “They” called  me yesterday and told me I would have to come today. Well that threw me in a panic.  I asked if I could come friday and “They ” said  ” Nope the carpets are being cleaned.”  Grrr

So I went there after work, without  anyone to help me set up at such short notice. I found my hangers on the back of the canvases would not fit on the picture hooks provided. Grrr.

So I improvised. ” They” didn’t have string! So then I used rubber bands. I didn’t bring my camera. Of course I didn’t! But I will when I go back Wednesday to put up the final few paintings I promise I will take photos.

It’ hard to straighten the pictures when they are hanging up with rubber bands knotted and tripled and quadrupled. I’m hoping they don’t show too much . I really have no more time. They are closed over the weekend  and monday for the Holiday and Wednesday is the official opening.

Speaking of which I have to send a mass email inviting all of my friends to the opening.  I am having such a hard time sending it. I keep putting it off.

So far I’ve just come back from seeing Twilight with my daughter, we loved it by the way. I’ve emptied the garbage, folded and put away the laundry ( and I hate that) and now I find myself writing this post instead of the email. Well,that should force me to stop and just go and do it…….

This is the back of the card I’m thinking of printing up  For the show…

For some reason I’m having trouble uploading the front of the card.


One Response to “Art Show Put Together with Rubber Bands and Chewing Gum.”

  1. Diana Says:

    I love your dogs. I’m a fellow dog painter, too. Very funny about the rubberbands. Can’t wait to see your show. Post pictures.

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