Running out of time….

Well the weekend is fast approaching. I have So much stuff floating around inside my head. Things I have to do to get ready for the show.

Ideas for new work. Ideas for the doll I’m making for the art challenge .

The ideas are like the things that blow around from dandelions. You have to grab them and make a wish. I loved to do that as a kid. I still do.

I have partly formed ideas that need to grow. As Kelly Rae says to listen to your whispers. I can’t ignore them, but I can’t quite hear all they have to say either. Speak up!!!!

It’s frustrating because I’m not the most organized person and I feel I’m running around like a headless chicken. cluck! cluck !

I know I’m forgetting stuff. I am almost embarrassed to tell my friends that I’m having a show and to come to the reception. I hate to put pressure on people to come. What  is wrong with me?

I was feeling Bold and Brave. Putting on my big girl pants, as they said on the flying lessons FB group. But now, I seem to be leaking my bravery.

Make a wish


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One Response to “Running out of time….”

  1. Wendy Hudman Says:

    I can so relate to this post! Especially about the being unorganized and headless, running chickens. LOL I’m just trying to hang on for dear life and see where I get off. Best of luck!

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