The weekend

I had a very hot and busy weekend. I dog sat for a good  friend who still hadn’t had her electricity restored since the storm. She was staying in a hotel and after sneaking daisy in the first night, she was too worried she would bark and get them kicked out.

We were quite happy to dog sit. Daisy is a Yorkie, much smaller than Jasper and she’s very cute.  My kids were thrilled. My dogs were a little more reserved. Although they were well-behaved, Daisy just wandered around ignoring them. It was actually a lot of fun having 3 dogs for a while.

Of course it gave my kids ideas about getting another dog. I’m not quite ready for a 3rd dog yet, and jasper was a little jealous. Of course we gave him lots of love afterwards, and Blue was not really phased at all.

My boys left for sleep away camp on Saturday. They were very excited, I was excited for them and I was a also a little sad as I saw the bus driving off with my boys.  They get to enjoy sports all day long for the next few weeks.

I’m left with my daughter, my husband and dogs. I’ve promised to go to yoga, see lots of movies and  make lots of art.

Here are a few I’ve been finishing off. getting as much Art as I can for the art show this  weekend! Gulp!

I’m also having a hard time printing them on my printer. I’m not happy with the  color and can’t seem to adjust it.


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5 Responses to “The weekend”

  1. kerri Says:

    looking great! good luck at the art show!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I hope the Art Show goes well. My last was a lot of fun – strictly a show, no sales. It was great to meet the locals and hear their impressions without the pressure of buying. I’m the chatty sort too – so it was fun to talk to people. I LOVE your work. I grew up on the Gulf Coast – which we are watching slowly die at the moment – and I have always had a love of mermaids! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  3. Kelly Says:

    No need to be shy – people WANT you to sign your work – it’s like having an author sign their book. It doesn’t matter if they sell a million copies – it’s that they get to make a personal connection with you. Your customers would love the chance to talk to you and get to know you! Then when they purchase your work, they can include their charming conversation with you as a part of the art work’s story! Imagine if you had met Kelly Rae 3 years ago, bought one of her first works, and she HADN’T signed it! You would feel robbed as a customer! You wouldn’t want your customers to feel that way, would you?

    So get out your sharpie, or fine artists Faber Castell pen and sign away!!!
    You can do it! You can, you can, you can!

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