Yesterday my neighborhood was hit by a devastating storm. People are still without electricity. Mine came back on,  thank goodness.  It started in the afternoon. It lasted around 5 minutes.   But the devastation it caused is unbelievable. Rumour has it that it was a Tornado!  The traffic lights are out, which means chaos on the roads. Wouldn’t you imagine people would drive with more caution. No they do not.

My daughter was on the way to work, she had to get gas as her tank was beyond empty. None of the gas stations had working pumps.  which meant she had to borrow my minivan!! So uncool. I found it amusing.

My son was on his way into town , I offered him a lift but he said he felt like jogging out the rain, (We did know a storm was on its way, but we thought it was just your everyday garden variety storm)  5 minutes after I got home  Jasper, who I had just let out into the yard , began shaking violently. A good indication that a storms was coming. The heavens opened, winds were 80 miles per hour. Hailstones were the size of golf balls. I had a moment of panic about whether my son made it to town or not. I was about to get in the car and check , and it just as suddenly stopped , and the sun came out like it never happened, bright and strong.

My son never made it. He called me  to tell me that he pulled off his flip-flops and ran as fast as he could. He walked into Gino’s the local pizza place. People in the back of the Pizzeria , who were eating lunch, had no idea what had happened, and were all commenting on what had happened to him , as he looked like he had jumped in a pool. He was actually very lucky, many of my friends who were driving in it, Including my other son with a friend and her son, told stories of trees falling in front of them and power lines pulled down.

As you drive around my town, it’s like driving through a disaster movie. Almost  like a video game where you have to find your way through the maze. If the road’s blocked you have to back up and start again.

I desperately needed food , as I had planned to go last night. The supermarket was open , but the shelves were empty. Not because people had gone crazy  and bought up all the food. because they had to throw out most of the refrigerated goods.

Uprooted tree

It”s very sad, although the kids are happy school was cancelled, it was the last day and the Junior High  schools had their graduation ceremonies today.

Storm crushes cars, knocks out power in Great Neck


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One Response to “Tornado”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’m so sorry that you had to experience this. I’m so thankful that you were all okay. How terrifying to know that your son was out in the storm! My dear friends parents live in Montana – and I called her immediately to see if they were okay (and they were). I grew up in FL – and rode out lots of hurricanes in the days before they evacuated people. Mother Nature can really make you stop to take notice of what is important – while stripping the rug out from under you (literally sometimes) and completely changing your world. Sending you all positive thoughts and prayers!

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