Graduation, dogs and art.

Well, my youngest  had his graduation ceremony today. It was lovely.  It was a little hot with everyone packed into a small auditorium without  air conditioning. I’m almost positive, Thank goodness for the  brochure  that we all used to fan ourselves. We rushed to lunch and then back again for the 5th grade party. with a DJ, dancers and sunglasses giveaways. Ooooo!

As Yearbook Chair, I was excited to hand out the yearbooks… The kids get so excited, which makes me feel great about the work we put into the book.

My dogs have been cute and crazy, I have a video of the excitement at “Walk Time”. When Jasper gets So excited he grabs Blue’s lead and tries to take her for a walk. I just have to edit it and take out my horrible voice.

Here’s a picture of jasper laughing. I’m serious he looks like he’s chuckling. (He definitely was)

Don't tell me he's not laughing.

I’m obsessed with song by Michael Posner right now, called “You think you’re cooler than me. ” I love it. I listen to it over and over and over.

I’ve been working on some paintings, all minis. I don’t think that will help me with my art show. I  have all sorts of ideas about painting and collageing, I just  can’t quite seem to stay on one path.

Here’s a pig I made. I do love flying pigs.

It’s a little washed out, I like that. It started about being brighter.


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