Crazy Shoes

Wow, I saw these weird and outrageous shoes, and  I can’t help but share…     Seriously does anyone wear them?

These shoes were all created by  talented artists, hopefully just for art and not practical reasons.

Check out this link for more weird and wonderful shoes:

28 Pairs of Weird Shoes – Urlesque

Are these goat shoes?

Fancy Swimgear


Are they wearing these, dare I say "flip flops" because of the blister on his heel?

For Pokemon fans everywhere


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3 Responses to “Crazy Shoes”

  1. kerri Says:

    ewww. the one that looks like a man’s foot is so weird!!?? is that a real shoe or is it photoshopped??!! those are hilarious, huh. thanks for an amusing post- have a great weekend!

  2. sakiizee Says:

    The Pokemon shoe is so full of win!!! hahaha!! XD

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