Peanut Butter

Dogs love peanut butter, but so far I’ve never heard of a dog that’s allergic to peanut butter. I suppose that’s possible.

I have a video of my dogs eating peanut butter, so cute and I think it’s so funny. I put music over it to hide our voices…. I hate to hear myself speak, don’t you?

MY daughter doesn’t  but then she loves to perform, whether it’s singing or acting… So it mainly to protect me that I cover my voice. I have an English accent and some people get confused when I speak, especially when we are out to dinner and I ask for a “glarss of wahtur please” and my family have to translate for me, when I say it for the 5th time.  ” Glass of water please” They chime in , much to my embarrassment.

Well, I can’t quite figure out how to Upload the video , so I have to give a you tube link. Look at me stepping out of my comfort zone.

Getting on YouTube wasn’t a walk in the park either. I know it’s easy for LOTS of other people.

Presenting: jasper and blue and peanut butter

YouTube – Peanut butter and dogs Check out the video on YouTube

This “glarss” is half full, I definitely see myself as a glass half full person. What are you?


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3 Responses to “Peanut Butter”

  1. Linda/Heartfire At Home Says:

    Hi Collette,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering the give away!! Your dogs are so cute…. what a gorgeous video. And boy, do they LOVE peanut butter!

    Linda. 🙂

  2. kerri Says:

    yes, i’m half full! (most of the time!) and sometimes i’m even bubbling over-
    have a great weekend- 🙂

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