Butt Bumping

I’m not quite sure if “Butt Bumping” is the correct term. I have no idea what else to call it.

It’s when jasper, my Yorkie starts bumping his hips back against something or someone, as he’s “talking to me .”

He’s a very verbal dog, I may have mentioned this before. he will start following me around at 3pm trying to convince me it’s dinner time. He will make little noises that are very hard to describe. They are not really whines, or barks more like a yodel coming from his throat.

My daughter thinks it’s so funny, she once taped him with her phone, and threatens to use it as a ring tone.  I have tried to capture it on video so I can post it, but every time the camera comes out, he stops. He must be camera-shy. I am  determined though.

Back to the butt bumping, I googled it and one post said it was his way of showing affection, Hmmm.  Another  said he was trying to be the alpha dog.

I think he does it when he’s trying to communicate. It’s fairly new, he’s been doing this for about a year now. He makes eye contact with who ever he wants to communicate  with, and then “talks” and butts his hips into whoever is sitting behind him.

Some of my son’s friends thought he was humping, But I’ve seen that and this is not that! Thank goodness, We’ve never had that problem, except with a certain stuffed animal that shall remain nameless and “disappeared ” a long time ago.

If anyone out there knows more than me , please share.

This post isn't about her, but I couldn't leave her out.

Jasper watching squirrels


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2 Responses to “Butt Bumping”

  1. kerri Says:

    my brother’s bull mastiff does that to me and i feel sure it’s about showing affection.

    your dog is adorable.

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