Photoshopped Passport Photo

I needed a new passport. This did not make me very happy as its been 10 years since my last passport and I hated that picture, plus I’m 10 years older now. Yikes!

After much nagging from my husband, (bless him) I dragged myself to take the picture. I didn’t really think  about how I looked, but I was horrified with the result. My hair was back, because you have to show your ears and I ‘m not that fond of my ears at the best of times. I also hadn’t really prepared myself with makeup, which was pretty stupid of me, but I don’t really wear a lot of makeup as I’m not very good with it…. Much to the annoyance of my 19 yr old daughter who loves to talk makeup.  So boring. I do try sometimes though.

My husband did say that he would give me a few more days to take another picture, but I had little time and I thought I would probably never be happy with any photo.

I was almost going to send in the photo of me looking like a hag (I swear I did) and give up, until I saw the forms and photos filled out ready to go.

On an Impulse at 5pm that night,  when I should have been thinking about dinner and homework, I ran out the door for one more shot.

This time I had some makeup on and my hair looked decent. The result was OK, but a little dark.  whilst I was at the store I heard someone complain that their photo had been returned for being too dark. Well , I was not going to take another picture, absolutely not. I figured,  if they return it,I’ll deal with it then.

However, when I got home I had the brilliant idea of lightening it in Photoshop. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

Then I started playing. I whitened my teeth just a touch, I put a sparkle in my eye!!! I did a few other things and the  best thing of all was when I gently erased just a few lines!  I’m not sure If I’m actually allowed to do this….

So  I sent off a passport picture I was Ok with. If only I could do this with My driving license, I have 2 more years to go on that one. Below is the 2nd picture and the Photoshop version, but I’m not posting the first one, I just can’t bring myself to.


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