Never too Old to Wear a Tiara

Today I’m not talking about my dogs, although they are really cute and lovely.

I have a photo that I recently received in one of those annoying forwarded emails. This one was from my brother. I can’t remember what it was about, but I loved the photo of the woman who came with it. I loved her , I wanted to meet her.

She was really old and wearing a tiara. I want to do that when I’m 90-ish and I certainly think she has earned the right to wear the tiara. They are so much fun to wear.

At some point my daughter younger, she  and her friends used to wear a “Birthday Tiara” all day if it was one of their birthdays. which is a great idea, I’m only sad my friends and I  never thought of it.  I wish I had a Birthday Tiara.

My son’s wonderful 4th Grade teacher who’s retiring this year, has a retirement Tiara which she wears every opportunity.

Well, I loved the painting SO much , I had to paint her. She was in a room with other elderly people, (playing bingo, I think.) So I decided to crop them out and focus on my Tiara lady.

I really do love her expression, and I tried so hard to capture it. She’s peering through thick glasses, and probably listening to the bingo numbers being called, or listening to a compliment on her Tiara.

I do hope she had lots of compliments.


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2 Responses to “Never too Old to Wear a Tiara”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Wow! This painting is amazing! I love the attention to detail and her character really comes through!

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