Talking to Myself

Sometimes I feel I’m the only one listening to what I have to say. That goes for here and at home. My kids, My husband and my dogs. Especially my dogs.

But I will continue to write here regardless.

Jasper my “little one” has gained weight. I picked him up the other day and, boy did he feel heavy. Everyone thought I was nuts… until they weighed him. He had gained 2lbs. he was now 10lbs. I don’t know that there are too many 10lb Yorkies.

Blue on the other hand could do with gaining some weight. Her fur is very deceiving, and when  it’s long, it can make her look positively plump. It’s not until she comes back from the groomers that I realize how skinny she is. I can see her ribs and I always feel awful, as if I’m neglecting her.

I try to give her extra food, but her stomach can’t always take it.

As for Jasper, my daughter finally confessed that she shares snacks with Jasper. I know the boy’s sneak him food too.

He’s always been greedy, in fact Blue only really became obsessed with food since Jasper joined us.

Once, when Jasper was a puppy, for days his stomach was huge and tight like a he’d  swallowed a ball. We could not figure it out. He groaned when he walked too. ( he is a very verbal dog though, and makes all sorts of weird grunts and groans on a daily basis)

Finally the jig was up. Given up by Blue of course. Jasper had made a hole in a giant sized dog food bag , we kept in the basement. He had been helping himself to it throughout the day and probably would have emptied the bag had it not been for Blue getting caught. I think Jasper may have been a little relieved, even though he would never had admitted so.

So he’s on a kind of diet. A “no people food/ no snack” diet. I really hope my kids are listening to me. he’s just so darn cute , he’s hard to resist. But I would hate to see his head shrink as his body grew.

I think overweight dogs look like their head’s are too small for their body.


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