Old Bethpage Dog Show

Over the weekend I attended a Dog Show. My daughter came too, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn (she needed her coffee, of course). We arrived bright and early with the promise of rain. Everybody told me it would definitely rain all day. Well the naysayers were wrong. It was nice  and hot all day. Thank goodness I had a canopy this time for the shade.

There was lots of barking dogs and cute dogs. I instantly regretted not bringing my very own portable Jasper. Which we ummed and aahed about . I’m still not sure he would have had fun.

I certainly did. We met many great people, some wonderful dogs, and I had some really nice compliments on my work.

I met a nice guy, Brian  from Commack who will come to your garden and scoop your dog’s poop. You can’t get better than that. His company is called , The Pooper Troopers. Check out his link.

At one point we played a game to see if people really did look like their dogs, we did see a few look-a-likes.

I was a little sad because I took my camera to take pictures of the dogs, and found the battery dead when I got there. Bummer, but my own fault.

So, no pictures to show you unfortunately. Although I will have to charge it up because my son has a soccer tournament this weekend. I love taking action shots. Digital cameras make that so easy.


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