Doggy Diaper


I’ve finally weakened and put my dog in a diaper. It’s quite embarrassing for both me and Jasper. He hates it. His ears go back and his head drops when he sees me coming with the dreaded diaper.

I’m sure it a massive blow to Jasper’s mastiff size ego, (even though he’s a yorkie) but I’m desperate.

For the longest time I could smell pee in my house. I thought my sons were real slobs as their bathroom stank like a men’s urinal, yuck.

They in turn, blamed each other for missing the toilet. It was awful.

My living room didn’t particularly smell fresh either. And then I found it, the underneath of the bath mat was covered in yellow spots. Eww

I wasnot happy, but at the same time thrilled my sons were able to pee straight.

Well, I got to thinking, as I crawled around the house on my hands and knees and found a few other spots.

The back of my couch; Shock.

The legs of the coffee table; Horror.

He’d even manage to warp some furniture with his pee. Despair!

He pees a lot outside too so he must have a bladder the size of a peanut.

The vet checked him out and no, boy dogs don’t get urine infections. Apparently Yorkies are just hard to house train…… Aaagh.

The vet suggested a diaper. I laughed in his face… Seriously was he nuts?

Jasper is 6, way past house breaking age. I loved my little pain in the butt, but I was not happy.

So I suffered for at least another year….. It was awful. There had to be

something wrong.  A few more trips to the vet and we ruled out lots of stuff…… and still nothing.

Finally in a moment of desperation I bought a diaper!  Just 2 weeks before my brother came to visit me from the UK. Bad timing… and if you know brothers you know they are relentless when teasing. I knew he would make so much fun of me…. for putting a diaper on a dog, and he was relentless.

I do take it off if we are having lots of company. Although, I have tried to pass it off as a back brace, but no one’s buying that.

Well needless to say, my house doesn’t smell bad anymore, he still sneaks off to pee, and sometimes  I get fooled into thinking he’s being good,  so I  forget to put the diaper on.

I think I will always have to use it. He can pee in the diaper 3 or 4 times a day, and still pee outside a lot!

Do dogs have prostate trouble? Well lets look on the bright side, when he gets older and he becomes incontinent, I’ll already have that covered.


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