Snow Days

Snow Days

I feel the snow will never end. I think it looks beautiful but then I want it to go. Having just returned from a ski trip to Colorado (No I do not ski, that would be my husband and sons)I feel the snow should stay there and not follow me home. My kids are always hoping for snow days…. which could mean NO SCHOOL. Yikes!

My dogs have mixed feelings about the snow. Blue loves it. She loves to eat it…. Don’t eat the yellow snow Blue.

She also loves to run it. She becomes the frisky young pup she once was.

If you throw a ball to her  and yes, we do lose the tennis balls, or just run with her, she’s thrilled.

Jasper being the short little fellow he is, may feel differently. He’ll run too but only if you run with him. The snow will be up to his belly, Brrrr. So he wont last as long as blue.

One other thing they both like to do is pee on each other’s yellow spots. I think I know why, but it’s weird

check out Blue in the snow   YouTube – Blue in the snow


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